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The Pretty Awesome Vision is inspired by the breathtaking, amazing, stunning, astounding, astonishing, awe-inspiring, stupendous, staggering, extraordinary, incredible, unbelievable; magnificent, wonderful, spectacular, remarkable, phenomenal, prodigious, miraculous, sublime; formidable, impressive; mind-boggling, mind-blowing, out of this world and indescribable nature of God. It is a non-denominational platform intended to dynamically spark fires of passion and identity in Jesus Christ in every nation, every city and village it reaches. The central focus is on holistic living inspired by the word of God, reinforcing principles of the kingdom of God through collaboration with the Church of Jesus Christ.

The gathering targets a generation of women from all ages, bringing them together to be empowered, equipped, healed and super charged to stand in their God-given destinies breaking barriers and limitations. It brings together transformational speakers and thinkers from around the world to share and impact a new generation of women and girls who are determined to be and to express the excellence and goodness of God (personally, spiritually, academically, financially, socially, vocationally, physically and otherwise).

In 2016, the inaugural event will take place under the theme: “Destiny Has a Story”intended to express the love of God, mercy, passion, will and purpose of God in our lives through teaching, preaching, edification, music and other creative ideas. It a 2-3 day event that has been inspired by the need to showcase the ability of God to transform and align otherwise ordinary lives to his grand plan—that in-spite of what we think of the story/experiences of life, God’s redemptive love and power is still at work. Pretty Awesome will bring together a diverse pool of activities that can fulfill this mission and assignment.

Pretty Awesome Conference, 2016
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Our Speakers

Ms. Pretty Segwai

Ms. Pretty is a global transformation strategist who believes in the reality of endless possibilities. She is a passionate scholar, a businesswoman, anauthor,a leader and a transformational life speaker who carries a global mandate to ignite a generation of trailblazers and trendsetters.

She has worked in various fields that provide a strong foundation for her multifaceted approach to global solutions. Specifically,her contribution to the United Nations University, Berlitz Corporation, Gaba, Jprep Institute, Botswana Tourism and Botswana government have empowered her approach towards institutional development,international development, management, policy analysis, strategic intelligence, training, leadership development and quality assurance.

As a pioneer of transformational solutions, Ms Pretty is the President of Definitions International Agency- a global corporation aimed at providing customized world class solutions.She also runs the Tokyo Global Leadership Academy in Japan and Leaners Foundation Africa with the vision to develop world-class transformational leaders through a holistic process of Education, Training and Mentorship.

Her passion for the transformation process of Africa and global communications is further expressed through the African Public Diplomacy Institute, a Think Tank & Diplomatic Academy Promoting New Ideas for the Advancement of African International Relations and Global Communications where she is a senior consultant and founder. In the same breadth she sits on the Brand Africa youth council as a board member.

Academically,Ms. Pretty has a strong background in Media, Strategic Communications and International Marketing from the Universities in Botswana, the United States and the United Kingdom. She holds a Master’ Degree in International Relations and Development. She is currently reading for a PhD in International Relations and Development while also reading for an Msc in Public Policy and Management.

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